That was too much to hope for as it turned out. But, this did lead to some possibilities, which might let me afford the place. Stay tuned.

Posted Mon Jul 25 20:49:12 2016

I'm asking $10k to buy in, since with five friends, that would cover the cost of much of the land, and improvements to install the yurt or small cabin.

It would probably make sense to have a time share of the yurt as the legal structure. So each has a share of time at the yurt as my neighbor. We'd work out the details amoung ourselves. Socially though, we're friends and I like to have friends over when they're in the neighborhood, whether for quiet hacking on the porch, or more sociable activities.

The yurt/cabin site is on a logging road, in woods, about a quarter mile from the house, with a small hill in between, so it would be very private. We would have to work out water/power/sewer for the yurt site.

Posted Sun Jul 3 15:32:43 2016
Joey intro

A quiet place in which to get away and code is all I was looking for when I moved here. I found much more, but that's still the essence of the place.


I'm Joey Hess and after several years renting this house, I now have to leave, or buy it.

The house is an EarthShip, tucked away in its own private holler (as we say here in the Appalachian Mtns of Tennessee), below a mountain that is National Forest, two miles down back roads from a river.

A wonderful place to relax and code, but developing only free software for twenty years doesn't quite stretch to being able to afford buying this kind of place.

But, I got to thinking of times friends were able to visit me here. Grilling over wood fires with friends from Debian. Steep hikes and river swims. Sharing dialup bandwidth between our Linux laptops. A bunch of us discussing Haskell in the living room at midnight. And too, I've many times talked about the place with someone who got a gleam in their eye, imagining themselves living there.

And then there's my Yurt, my relief valve before I moved here. And a great spot I like to visit on an old logging road above a creek.

Could we put all this together somehow? Might a handful of my friends be able to contribute somewhere in the range of $10 thousand to buy in?

Interested? Want more details? Have ideas?

(Limited to folks I've met in person or spent a lot of time online with.)


Posted Sat Jul 2 19:20:43 2016